Welcome to CBB 2014---Jeepine Booth E2A61

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Booth No.:  E2C61

Add: New China International Exhibition Center, Beijing,China

Dates: October 13-16, 2014
Machine Exibits: 36 cavity cap compression molding machine



In CBB 2014, we will show high speed cap compression molding machine: JCAP-36Y. Adopting Germany and Italy advanced technology, our company has developed international class energy saving cap machines with energy consumption only 40-60% compared with our competitors. This equipment takes compression molding process by upper and lower molds rotating at high speed and without hot runner by pneumatic demolding. Productivity is 5 times more than injection machine with same power supply. With our machine, you can produce 50000pcs caps/hour at max, while energy consumption is only 55KW/H. Caps produced with our machine are featured with low cost, nice appearance, no injection gate point. It is an evolutional innovation in plastic machinery.


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